Heat And Cold Therapy For Treatment Of Arthritis

Arthritis is a cause of pain and suffering for many people. It is caused as a result of inflammation of the bone and muscle joints. A lot of prescription medicines are available in market but these medicines always have some side effects. It is therefore highly advisable to use some natural treatments for control the problems associated with this problem.

Of all the natural methods available hot and cold therapy is becoming increasingly popular. It helps to ease the stiffness and pain which is associated with arthritis. A right combination of hot and cold packs can work wonders for you. Physicians are also endorsing this therapy because of many benefits associated with this style of treatment.

The idea behind this both heat and cold helps to stimulate the natural healing capacity of body.  Heat increases the diameter of blood capillaries which increases blood flow and reduces the spasms caused due to reduced blood flow. It also enhances the pain threshold of the body.

The heat can be used both as a dry heat or wet heat. Dry heat includes heating pads or heat lamps. On the other hand wet heat includes hot water packs or warm bath which contains hot water. The cold treatment on other hand reduces swelling by decreasing blood flow and also numbs the deep pain associated with arthritis.

While doing the heat treatment it is highly advisable to use the correct temperature because unless appropriate temperature is available, the skin will get burnt. The temperature which can be used must be easily tolerated by your body. This temperature is critical and varies from person to person. The heat therapy temperature should be decided first before using spa therapy, hot bag or water bath. Heat therapy must be practiced 15 minutes before ensuing an exercise and also for 15 minutes after that.

Some popular types of heat therapy which can be used include disposable patches, hot swimming pool, hot packs, moist heat pad, mixture of paraffin and mineral oil, warm bath, spa, warm shower or hot tub. Constant heat to painful area maintains blood supply, minimizes pain and aids in movement. It is also highly relaxing. However hot treatments must be avoided during pregnancy, cardiovascular patients or high blood pressure patients.

Cold treatment can be applied most favorably as ice packs, which are available in most easy way. They reduce sensation to the pain and should be tried alternatively with the hot therapy.