Help For Tinnitus – Natural Cures

Tinnitus is a medical term for ‘ringing in the ears.’ It comes from a Latin word ‘Tinnire,’ which means ‘to ring’. Tinnitus is a bad condition for ear that stays for near about 3 to 5 days. It can happen in the ear because of some medical conditions. Due to this condition, you will hear a certain kind of sound that resembles ringing, hissing or buzzing in your ear even though there is no such sound in the surrounding.

Sometimes the noise sounds so loudly inside the ear that it becomes intolerable to the sufferer. This condition of ear can create various types of problems such as ear wax, fluid drain, nose allergies, external fixed pollutants in the ear canal, etc.

Some causes of tinnitus:

Mostly tinnitus happens by either the damage of hearing nerves in the inner ear or the stiffness of middle ear bones. It can also be a result of excessive exposure to loud noise. The cells inside ear can be ruined by some long term medication, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, quinine and extreme doses of aspirin.

A hole in the eardrum or excess ear wax can also be the cause of tinnitus. The disorder can also be created by ear infection; stress; and allergies and tumors in the heart, blood vessels, jaws and neck. Today, long time usage of mobile phones and earphones are among the prime causes of this ear disease. There are some effective remedies of tinnitus, which are given below to heal the problem fast.

Some natural remedies

Bayberry bark and burdock root is very useful to treat tinnitus quickly. You should make a mixture by grinding equal quantity of the bark of bayberry and the root of burdock. Mix the decoction into fresh warm water and drink it once daily. You can consume another preparation by mixing some goldenseal and the leaves and flowers of hawthorn into warm water twice in a day. Consume this mixture for about 15 days continuously. Intake of myrrh gum once everyday can also help you to reduce the symptoms fast as it can purify the blood and act as a protector from this ear infection.

Taking ginkgo biloba once in a day can help you to remove the dizziness from your ears and take a helpful role to regulate the blood circulation in the ears properly. Make one glass of juice of pineapple and consume it twice every day for about one month as it can reduce the inflammation in your ears. You can also eat fresh raw pineapple instead of this juice. Eat plenty of garlic with other cooked foods as it is very beneficial for the tinnitus treatment. Again, you can take some garlic cloves, fry them with some purified butter and chew them every morning after brushing. Furthermore, you should always include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Prepare a liquid solution including 2 tsp of salt, 2 tsp of glycerin and 4 tbsp of warm water and put this liquid in your nostrils as a nasal spray. You should continue this application thrice everyday for about 2 months as it can help you to get relief from this hazard in a faster way.