Helpful Herbs to Cure and Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Cancer of the breast occurs when there is a malignant growth of tumor inside the breast. On an average about 185000 are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The instances of this disease are on the rise in developing countries caused due to the lifestyles that women lead nowadays. Annually there are about 43,500 deaths caused due to this disease making it second to lung cancer as the leading cause of death among women.

In some cases breast cancer treatment like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy has shown potential in helping to relieve symptoms and improve the patient’s quality of life. In most other cases the death rate of surgery or the after effects and the after effects of chemotherapy and radiation are above what a patient can bear.

Canelim capsules

The Chinese have been using herbal and alternative medicine for centuries to help tackle cancer of the breast. Canelim capsules are the only Chinese medicine which has shown great results in this field. It is very efficient in isolating and killing the cancer cells and also helps to boost immunity. This prevents the cancer growth and also inhibits it thus relieving clinical symptoms and pain and increasing the expectancy of life. The medicine can be used during all stages of breast cancer and can be applied alone or in conjunction with other standard treatments.

Consult Your Doctor

In case you do think of pursuing any other alternative medicine to cure or prevent breast cancer from spreading please consult your doctor first. Canelim capsules should be used by a patient suffering from breast cancer before any surgery so that it can help shrink the cancer cells which can be then easily removed. It is also advisable to apply it along with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If the cancer has reached the terminal stage and all other conventional treatments do not show any results then one can use this alternative treatment method as the main treatment.

Helpful Herbs to Cure and Prevent Breast Cancer