Helpful Home Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

If you are suffering with ovarian cysts then you are suffering from severe pain in the pelvis. The medication that you have been prescribed are designed to reduce the pain but don’t be surprised if the pain is still unbearable. These medications may also have some side effects that range from losing hair to mild headaches and nausea. It is easy to ask a person to give up the type of medication that causes side effects that adds to the existing agony; however it is upto the person to decide.

There are a few remedies that you can try at home to ease the discomfort, these are not remedies to cure the cysts. They help to reduce the pain and help to maximize the treatment effect.

When you are sitting or standing; heat a hot water bottle and place it on your lower back. The heat will lease the pain and help you to relax. Place your feet in warm water as often as possible and take hot water baths. Soaking your body in warm water infused with lavender oils help to take the stress out of your body and ease the tension that it is under. Lavender or roles oils will work best.

Though it is not common but in some cases women suffer from infertility as a result of the cysts. However, if the diagnosis is done correctly treatments will help to ensure that the cysts do not cause further damage to the body and any risk of infertility can be taken care of. In order to ensure that the treatment is effective you must eat a healthy serving of fresh vegetables daily. About 4 to 5 servings of vegetables ensure that the medication works effectively and quickly.

You must also avoid binging. It is better to eat smaller portion more often than to eat larger portions fewer times. Eat your meals slowly and enjoy the food you are eating. Eating large potions becomes difficult to digest and leads to complications and affects the treatment that has been prescribed.