Hemorrhoid Prevention Diet

What are hemorrhoids?

It is a condition where the veins around the rectum get swollen and red. They may also bleed. There are several ointments and surgeries that you can opt for; however it is not a permanent solution and they often reappear.

In order to prevent the re-occurrence of the swelling and discomfort that is cause by it; you must make sure that you maintain a well balanced diet; one that promotes your health and eases any discomfort. The diet that we have mentioned here works in two ways; it helps to regulate bowel movements and also makes the stools softer thereby making it easier to eliminate. This will help to avoid applying pressure during the process of elimination and prevent the swelling or reddening of the veins.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids; then you need to ensure that you include plenty of fiber in your diet. This helps to regulate your bowel movements. Women need 20 grams of fiber daily while women need 30 grams.

You need to have plenty of liquids during the day. Water is the best source of hydration and it helps in ease elimination of the feces. However, fruit juices are also helpful. Cranberry juice helps to prevent the formation of hemorrhoids. Avoid alcohol as it leads to dehydration and constipation; you need to avoid this situation as far as possible. Avoid tea and coffee as well as they absorb water from your body. You need to have 64 ounces of water daily and you may have a few glasses of juice as well. For every cup of tea or coffee that you consume; have an additional glass of water.

The foods that you eat must prevent diarrhea and constipation. Avoid chocolates and spicy foods. You are the best judge about the effect of certain foods on your body and you need to take a call on the foods that may cause your body harm.

In addition to maintaining a healthy balanced diet; you must also ensure that you exercise regularly. This helps to ease bowel movements while it strengthens your muscles. You must make sure to walk for atleast 30 minutes daily.

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