3 Herbal Benefits Of St. John’s Wort


3 Herbal Benefits Of St. John's Wort

Herbs have provided us with natural cures to all ailments since ages. St. John’s Wort is a native herb of Europe wherein most Europeans were quite aware of this herb and its various medicinal benefits. This herb is also found in Canada and the U.S. in the dry grounds of meadows. This perennial herb has bright yellow-colored flowers and is also called as “miracle herb” due to its medicinal values. St. John’s herb has also been used by the Chinese practitioners since over 4000 years. There are a number of health benefits of this herb:



Depression is steadily rising all around the globe. St. John’s Wort is the herb that is popular in the western world for its therapeutic properties in treating mild to moderate depression. This herb is well-known as an anti-depressant and has now been admired all over the world for treating the ailment. Though it is not a strong drug, St. John’s Wort helps in bringing about a strong sense of recovery and the long term effects are excellent among the patients. It is a mild and useful natural remedy for the ones suffering from depression and is a positive mood booster.

Emotional Balance

St. John’s Wort is extremely useful in providing emotional balance to the individuals. It helps in soothing away the tension arising from irregular anxiety and daily stress.



A herbal oil made from St. John’s Wort is a red colored oil and is used for getting relief from the joint and muscle pain, wound that has been caused from irritated nerve form or nerve-tissue injury. This herb is a natural remedy for treating inflammations and is popular for its antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory values. However, the St. John’s Wort oil should not be consumed orally as it has side-effects but is safe when infused topically.  St. John’s Wort oil is also recommended for the treating of nerve pain or neuralgia, rheumatic pain and sciatica. This oil is used for nerve injury chiefly for tennis elbow.

muscle pain

Apart from the above mentioned problems, there are several other benefits of this effective herb.