Herbal Breast Firming And Enlargement Serum

Herbs are widely used in health remedies worldwide. They are upheld highly as natural medications with little or no side effects and their effectiveness and usage have been proven for centuries.

Herbal plants are found to contain hormone balancing properties which are effective in treating infertility, menstrual problems and menopause. Although there are effectively over 30,000 herbal plants, only 26 types have been identified to contain the property that can impact breast size.

Natural herbal solution
Most of the herbs identified have been included in breast enhancement products as they have compounds which stimulate the hormonal growth in the breast tissues. They are concocted into breast pills, serums, creams and masks. These herbal products can imitate the estrogen functions and effects as they have what is known as phytoestrogens or “plant estrogens”. The scientific gateway is just opening up to the impressive properties of phytoestrogens and how they function in enhancing the breast size and general health.

This herbal option to breast enhancement is gaining popularity amongst womenfolk who desire bigger breasts naturally without the high cost as expended in surgeries, the range of complications and side effects of any procedure or method and the unnatural feeling given by implants. This option is a plus for those who did not give cosmetic surgery a second thought.

It is not a new phenomenon that herbs are included into breast serums or creams as it has been said that harem beauties of old were fed with fenugreek, a type of herbal plant, to boost their breast size. Even Bavarian women, who have been blessed with a full figure, have attributed their physical development to the hops and barley in the local beers.

Pueraria Mirifica
This special herb has been traditionally used in many parts of Asia as well as in South America in promoting breast growth by regulating the hormonal balance in the breasts. L’elan Vital is one such herbal product containing extracts of Pueraria Mirifica, a plant native to Thailand and widely used for enlarging the breasts. This breast serum product uses nanotechnology to ensure that it will enlarge and firm up breasts effectively.

Pueraria Mirifica easily became very popular and highly sought after for breast enlargement remedies and treatments. It has active compounds which function to restore the elasticity in overstretched tissues in the breasts so that the otherwise sagging breasts return to their youthful firmness. Its estrogen-like property stimulates the expansion of the breasts to their potentially full size. Women applying this breast serum even on its first application would feel a sense of firmness in their breasts and a definite cup size increase in less than two months.

Nanotechnology builds the herb’s active compounds into very small structures called atoms and molecules to penetrate into the targeted tissues in the breasts for firming and enlarging. These minute particles are about 2,000 times smaller than the pores of the breast skin to enable easy absorption for definite action, thus producing definite results.