Herbal care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most crucial stage of any women. During this period of time, the body faces a number of hormonal as well as physical changes. Pregnant mothers get exhausted and stressed very easily as their body goes through a large number of vital changes.
Most Physicians of today do not advice herbal care during pregnancy. Yet there are a number of herbal treatments that aid the physical and mental growth of the baby as well as nourish and keep the would-be mothers fit and healthy.
Physician’s Advice: According to some herbalists, herbs are often better than the medical treatment as they are cheap and healthy. However, most medical practitioners are against herbs for pregnant women as the research work is still on to prove that the intake of herbal medicines during this time is complete safe for the would-be mothers.
Herbal skin care: In Ayurveda, importance is stressed on the consumption of nourishing foodstuff (ahara) as it helps in foetal health and growth as well as the health of pregnant mothers. The rasayana treatment of Ayurveda is intended to make sure that the mother and the foetal are healthy during the pregnancy period. Besides these, there are a number of medicinal preparations in Ayurveda that contribute to the glowing skin and fair complexion of the offspring.
Herbal Tea: Certain herbal teas provide a great support for the health of pregnant women. These teas are made up of roots, seeds and flowers of different plants and are used for medicinal remedies.
Panchakarma Treatment: Vamanam, Vasthi and Virechanam are some of the Panchakarma treatments that are provided to pregnant women. Panchakarma treatment release toxins from the body thereby opening up the blood circulation and gets the body ready for clearing the waste.
Medicines for pregnancy care: Herbalists have full faith upon the leaves of red raspberry since ages, which are very effective in nutrition and curing the difficulties of pregnancy and childbirth of pregnant women. Besides this, Kashayam, Arishtam and Lehyams are some of the popular oral herbal medicines commonly prescribed for pregnant women. Doctors should be consulted while taking herbal medicines as different kinds of medicines are prescribed at different stages of pregnancy.
Yoga for pregnant women: Yoga is a common practice to combat the fear and tension of labor pain of the pregnant mothers. It is very effective in protection of emotional health, headaches, exhaustion and combating all sorts of ailments. It keeps the mind and body of the pregnant women relaxed and full of energy during these vital stages of her life.