Herbal Cure For Bacterial Vaginosis


Bacterial Vaginosis is a chronic disease that occurs in the vaginal area of women due to excess production of harmful bacteria in that region.

Women face a lot of problems due to this infection like itching, swelling of the region, excessive fluid secretion and very bad smell. As vagina is one of the most sensitive areas of the women’s body, they generally hesitate to use any kind of medicine for its treatment. For this reason, Herbal remedies are often used. It cures the infection completely without damaging the area.

But, first, it is very important to keep the area clean and dry most of the time. You should clean the area daily while bathing and also before going to bed. Also try to wear loose fitted garment preferably made from natural fibers. You should also wear clean and cotton made undergarments. Keep the undergarments disinfected by washing them with herbal soap.

Some Herbal And Natural Remedies That Can Be Used Are Discussed In The Following Paragraphs:


Yogurt is said to be the best medicine for the treatment of bacterial infection. Yogurt is produced from milk by the process of fermentation with the help of good bacteria. So it naturally has the natural anti-bacterial property which is required.  It can be used in various ways in order to get relief. You can add a large portion of yogurt to your diet. It also gives an effective result if applied regularly on the affected area for two times daily.

Daily Diet:

A proper balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients for curing any vaginal infection is very important. So a large amount of citrus and juicy fruits like lemon, oranges, papaya, water melon, vegetables like spinach, mustard greens, carrot, bell peppers, etc., flax seed and pulses should be incorporated in your diet. These types of foods are rich in vitamins, which help heal the infection fast and also fight against such diseases.

Also, acidophilus containing foods such as yogurt, Soya, milk, etc. should be eaten in a large amount. Kefir milk is a kind of milk enriched with beneficial bacteria and yeast and so helps in treating the ailment. Try to avoid some foods like alcohol, sugar and starch products as it help in bacterial growth. These foods do not let the infection dry fast and leads to much discomfort.


Water plays an important role in keeping our body healthy. Daily intake of 8-10 glasses of water can flush out all the harmful bacteria within our body. It also helps in blood purification. Water is also used as the foremost element for cleaning the vagina. If you clean your vagina daily with a mild herbal soap, all the sweat and sticky fluid will be removed. This will stop the itching and also keep the area odorless.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

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Apple cider vinegar is another very good option for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. It also cleans the area and removes any bad odour produced due to vaginal secretion. It is very simple to use. You just need to mix one cup of this vinegar into the tub filled with warm water and rest inside it for at least 20 minutes. Indulge yourself in this relaxing activity and let the solution do the work. As it is a natural remedy, it does not cause any burning irritation.

Herbal Oil:

We all know that keeping our body parts clean and dry itself removes any bacteria or germs from those parts. Adding some herbal oil in the water enhances its cleansing property. So you can add these kinds of oil like Tee tree oil, Calendula, black walnut and Echinacea to your water bath and enjoy a nice refreshing shower. This removes the bacteria formed inside the vagina and also gives relief from any kind of irritation produced from it. The best part of these products is that they do not have any side-effects. But it is recommended to consult a physician about the best oil suitable for your skin type.


Garlic is believed to be one of the best natural remedies to cure this infection. It contains a compound called Allium, which has great antibacterial properties. You can consume as much as garlic for fast results. You will need 5000 microgram of this compound to get completely protection from Bacterial vaginosis. Today, garlic capsules are found in medical stores so that it can fulfill any deficiency in the required nutrition in the body.

Tracheal And Other Herbs:

The most important herb used for the treatment of bacterial Vaginosis is called Tracheal. It is very effective in detoxification of harmful bacteria growing inside the Vagina. Soak one teaspoon of this herb into half glass of water in the morning and drink it before going to bed.

Another important herb is the coneflower. It also helps in purification of blood and enhances your immune system which in turn helps to fight against the bacteria. Golden seal is another herb whose roots can also be used to improve the immune system. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Both the herbs are obtained in the dried form.

So, they are boiled in water and the liquor is taken before bedtime. Currently, tablets of all these herbs are also available in the markets. You can even take these tablets if you cannot resist the taste of the herbs.

Folic Acid:

Folic acid is another very important herbal supplement that can be used to cure bacterial vaginosis. It not only helps you to destroy any harmful bacteria but also check them from returning back. You can purchase it from any Herbal medicine store. Folic acid is naturally found in foods like green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach, collard green, etc.), pasta, oranges, etc. Consumption of these foods will fulfill the daily requirement. It is always advised to use it in smaller proportions as over dose is always harmful.

Cranberry Juice:

Pure Cranberry juice is one of the best remedies to cure Bacterial Vaginosis. It has a strong acid content and can kill the harmful E. coli bacteria formed in the vagina. You can consume a large amount of cranberry juice and keep yourself healthy. You should also keep in mind not to sweeten the juice as it will reverse the effect.