Herbal Remdies For Reducing Anxieties

Life throws up new challenges daily, either at home or workplace. Encountering the challenges and braving them makes life exciting. Recognitions and appraisals do not follow every time; frustrations and failures often take the upper hand building up enormous stress and anxieties. Experiencing anxiety is a part of life, and every individual do suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. Excessive stress often leads to higher levels of anxieties, causing a panicky situation in an individual.

Symptoms: Prolonged suffering from anxieties shatters the confidence of the person making him nervous and irritable. The person turns out to be reclusive gradually proceeding towards depression. Anxieties lead to sleep disturbances resulting a dull appearance, lower energy levels and lack of proper concentration in work. Remaining anxious and panicky throughout the day takes a severe toll on the nerves causing giddiness and palpitation.

Causes: Excessive stressful life and regular hectic schedules build up anxieties in people. Often some accidents, feeling of insecurity in relationships also results in high anxiety levels. Post menopausal women suffer from anxieties due to lower estrogen levels.

Herbal Remedies: Very few are aware that herbal remedies can do wonders in reducing anxieties. These are absolutely safe and are without any side effects, compared to other medications.

Roots of Kava Kava are very effective in reducing anxieties within few days of its use. The roots act as a tranquilizer without causing any addiction. These are taken in the form of a drink and are highly beneficial for post menopausal women.

Use of Ginseng is one of the popular herbal remedies that help in reducing anxieties significantly. It has a relaxing effect on the nerves and helps in maintaining emotional balance. It stimulates the hormonal functions enhancing the general health.

Valerian roots have been used as a sedative since ages and have been effectively used in various herbal remedies. It promotes sleep by soothing the nerves reducing anxieties to a great extent. This herb effectively reduces all sorts of mental disturbances, stress levels promoting long hours of sound sleep.

The herb Catnip, belonging to the mint family is also one of the beneficial herbal remedies in reducing anxieties. The sedative effect of this herb reduces sleeplessness, mental agitation and nervousness producing a soothing effect on the nerves.

Chamomile herbs are highly effective in treating insomnia and reducing anxieties. The Roman and German variety of Chamomile is popular as useful herbal remedies that improve the functioning of the brain reducing the stress levels considerably.

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