Herbal Remedies for Avoiding Asthma Attacks

Asthma is an inflammatory disease of bronchial tissues in our body. The person suffering from asthma feels difficulty in breathing. Coughing, chest congestion, chest tightness and wheezing are the other symptoms of asthma. Exposure of allergens may lead to an asthma attach and the person suffering from asthma starts coughing badly and breathing during the attack becomes very difficult. This is because airways during an asthma attack get narrowed. In case the availability of oxygen in the blood is low during an asthma attack, it may lead to fatal consequences and in some cases it may result in death. It is a chronic disease. As a misconception in the society asthma is said to be a disease of old age, however, person of any age can be suffering from asthma. Thus, asthma being a very serious problem must be treated carefully.

Though no cure for asthma is still known but different allopathic treatments for avoiding asthma attacks are available. However, a continual and long term intake of allopathic medicine may cause side effects leading to other complications in our body. There are various natural remedies for the treatment of asthma. These remedies make breathing easy and control the stiffness of chest. Taking chamomile tea is very help in asthma as it is an antihistamine. For nasal congestion you can use elderberry. Intake of green tea and ephedra relieves congestion by opening bronchial passages. In case you have problem of respiratory congestion, hyssop tea can be helpful. For a patient facing the problem of dry cough, consumption of licorice roots is very helpful because it increases the production of mucus. However, nettle teal is also helpful in the respiratory disorders. Allergic reactions can be controlled by consuming ginger.

In case you feel that you have a constant problem of breathing and coughing, you should consult a physician who can diagnose your asthma. A child with parents having problem of asthma has more chances of getting an asthma attack. So, physicians often ask the family background while diagnosing asthma.

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