Herbal Remedies For Depression

Depression is a prolonged feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Depression is now a world-wide problem that has affected the individuals of all ages irrespective of race and sex. Depression has its own symptoms. Feeling of helplessness, compulsive negative thoughts, despair and despondency, stomach ache, insomnia or increased need for sleep, headache, loss of appetite, loss of memory, irritability, concentration, drug addiction, attempting suicides are some of the symptoms of this ailment.

Improper sleeping pattern is thought both as a cause and the consequence of depression. Long term illness, physical defect within the body, thyroid, heredity, nutritional deficiencies and bad childhood experiences etc are some of the causes for depression. Depression has a number of herbal remedies:

St. John’s Wort: This medicinal plant is basically used as a remedy for depression. Studies and researches have shown that this herb has noteworthy and considerable benefits on the patients who are already suffering from depression.

The presence of hypericin in the herb is useful for the combating of monoamine oxidase, a chemical that comes of the body of the individual when depressed. With the intake of the herb, the patients have been found to feel much more relieved, senses a growing interest in life, an increased appetite and so on. The herb can be consumed in the form of tincture, tea or in capsule form.

Rosemary: This herb is extremely popular for its capability to stimulate the mental activity and is thought as a good remedy for forgetfulness, depression as well as mental fatigue.

The beautiful essence of the rosemary oil is admired for its potential to lift the spirits of any depressed individual immediately and serves as an outstanding nerve and brain tonic. The mesmerizing fragrance of the herb brings in the psychological energy, removes the feeling of boredom and thereby serves as an exceptional medicine for depression.

Valerian roots: The extracts of the valerian root has been used for hundreds of years in order to treat the people who have been suffering from depression. With the intake of this herb, the individuals have been found to feel more relaxed and sleepy. The herb has been used for centuries for the treating of anxiety, stress and nervousness.

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