Herbal Remedies For Gout


Herbal Remedies For Gout Gout can be excruciatingly painful and hampers your normal daily life. Herbs have been used in traditional medicines, by the Chinese and Indians, to alleviate gout pains and other gout-associated problems.

These herbs have shown some really promising results and are being used today for gout prevention or gout control.

Best Natural Treatment For Gout


Turmeric, in many countries, is used as a culinary spice. Turmeric’s medicinal properties have been utilized in traditional Chinese as well as Indian Ayurvedic medicine, in order to treat arthritis and gout.


Research has shown that turmeric has anti inflammatory properties and can effectively reduce swellings and pains. An active chemical, Curcumin, found in turmeric, is responsible for the pain, swelling and stiffness reduction, caused in gout. You’ll get turmeric supplements at your local health stores. However, it is suggested that you incorporate fresh turmeric in your meals as well.


Celery is a warm and spicy herb, mostly used in cooking. Botanically called, Apium graveolens, the herb is a member of the Carrot family. The seeds, roots and the herb as a whole has shown medicinal properties, which are being used to treat a wide number of health ailments.

It a diuretic and hence reduces inflammation, swelling and pain by reducing water build up and eliminating uric acid from the body. You will find this herb in tincture or supplement form. However, fresh celery must be used for enhanced benefits. You can add celery to your daily food in form of salads, soups or vegetable broths.


Chicory is an attractive blue plant that can be grown almost anywhere. It belongs to the Sunflower family. The roots and leaves of the herb are used for its medicinal properties. The best and the sole way to use this herb, is by preparing a decoction.


Chop the leaves and roots well and prepare it the way coffee is prepared. Chicory is known to have anti inflammatory properties. Regular drinking of brewed chicory can help support important organs like the heart and the liver. It eliminates all the toxic uric acid from the body without depleting other essential macronutrients like potassium.

White Willow Bark

The scientific name for White Willow Bark is Salix alba. The herb is used to treat pains and swellings; it is in fact the oldest pain-reducing herb. The inner bark produces a chemical called salicin that is changed to salicylic acid, once it enters the body.

This chemical is analogous to the working action of aspirin. It helps in reducing the inflammation, pain and other gout-related aches. You may use the bark to make some fresh tea and add ginger or cinnamon for flavoring. Capsules are also available and about 225mg must be taken, four times daily. If you opt for taking tinctures, ½ ml taken twice daily will be very effective.

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Dandelion belongs to the Sunflower family.It can be taken both internally and externally to treat gout.


You may use it internally by brewing some fresh Dandelion tea. The herb has anti inflammatory and diuretic properties. It reduces pain and swelling around the joints and eliminates accumulated uric acid from the body. Pain can also be alleviated if you soak the painful area in some warm dandelion tea.

St.John’s Wort

St John’s wort is scientifically known as Hypericum perforatum. It can be used externally to reduce pain in the joints or swellings. Infuse some fresh flowers of the herb into oil; you’ll see a slight reddish coloration in the oil. Massage this oil onto the painful regions to alleviate the pain.

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