Herbal Remedies For Obesity

Obesity is not a disease actually but can lead to several diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Excess carbohydrate and fats intake is the cause of obesity. Lack of physical work and exercise also accumulates fat in body.

Fat is accumulated in body from ghees, oils and other food stuff. More fat intake weakens the role of important organs like liver, heart, kidneys and joints. Obesity also resulted in asthma, high blood pressure and arthritis. Proper diet chart should be followed for curing obesity. Amount of vegetables and fresh fruits intake must be increased and processed food should be reduced. Vegetable oil must be used than margarine or butter. Water intake must be 8-10 glasses.

Honey is one of the best cures for obesity. Honey if taken along with hot water and lime juice is helpful for treating obesity. Cabbage is also a good cure for obesity. Cabbage intake decreases sugar conversion into fat. Mint is also considered as effective remedy for obesity if chutney prepared by it is taken with lunch and dinner.

Drinking boiled water after meal is also good remedy for obesity. Drinking ginger tea is also useful. Black pepper also reduces weight. Trifla can also be proved to be useful. Taking vitamin B-12 once in a day is also good. Carrot juice intake helps in reducing weight. Many yoga asana improves blood circulation. Yoga is also helpful to reduce weight.

Eating tomato in morning is also helpful. Drinking boiled ginger with lemon is helpful in obesity treatment. Indian plum leaves soaked in water and drinking this in the next morning is also an effective home remedy for obesity. Drinking limejuice, black pepper mixed in water regularly for 3 months helps in gets rid of obesity. Grapes, French beans, peaches, phalsa, jackfruits and guava should be included in diet.

Regular exercise for daily 30 minutes is also helpful. Stretching and walking is also essential to get rid of obesity. Rice and potato should be avoided in meals. Ice creams, chocolates and sweets are the main causes for obesity as all these are high calorie food. Salt intake should be reduced in food and drinking alcohol should be avoided.

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