Herbal Remedies For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an unrelenting autoimmune skin ailment that is not infectious and communicable. Psoriasis is a painful and itchy condition that causes the build-up of the cells at the surface of the skin. Psoriasis leads to red patches and silver scales.

There are five different kinds of psoriasis that are usually contacted by the individuals namely inverse psoriasis, plague psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, guttate psoriasis and erythrodermic psoriasis.

Some of the common symptoms of psoriasis are itching and the burning sensation that are largely connected to rashes and other problems of the skin. Again lesions, scaly skin and the occurrence of red spots on the certain parts of the body like the genital areas, elbows, scalp, knees etc are some of the other symptoms of the ailment. The symptoms of the ailment vary from person to person who is associated with the ailment. There are a lot of herbal remedies to the ailment:

Shark cartilage: Shark cartilage is an extremely effective herbal remedy for psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory property of this herb has been found to be extremely useful for the treating of the condition. The herb again hampers the creation of new blood vessels that are known to worsen psoriasis state.

Evening Primrose oil: Studies and researches of evening primrose oil have been found to show excellent results when treating the psoriasis conditions. The oil has a rich content of gamma-linolenic acid which is found in lower level with the individuals suffering from psoriasis. This oil has the capability to relieve irritation and swelling and also upkeeps and recovers dry flaky skin condition.

Milk Thistle: This herb is not only useful for the treating of psoriasis but also benefits the adrenal disorders as well as inflammatory bowel syndrome. Milk Thistle is considered as a wonder herb in case of treating psoriasis. The herb has been found to stimulate human T-cell that is normally evident in psoriasis.

Oregano: The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the herb make it extremely beneficial for the treating of psoriasis. These properties of oregano make it possible for the prevention of infections from taking place in the lesions of psoriasis skin.