Herbal Remedies for Stress

Imbalance between various body organs and mind is termed as the condition of stress. Both the mind and body of the person suffering from stress are affected. Various health complications associated with the problem of stress include diabetic problems, consistent headache, heart disease and peptic ulcer.

People suffering from stress find it difficult to concentrate on work in day time and find it difficult to enjoy good sleep during night. A vigorous interaction between body organs and nervous system is a basic symptom of stress. There are various other physical indicators which indicate this problem. These include expansion of pupils of eyes in reaction to something, constipation due to digestive problem, palpitation, faster pumping of blood by the heart, high blood pressure, muscle tension, increased breath rate etc.

If you find one or more of the above mentioned symptoms in you, you may probably be suffering from the problem of stress. Other important changes that occur due to the problem of stress are the person becomes very loose tempered, accident prone due to lack of concentration. The person suffering from stress feels very frustrated and therefore indulges himself in activities like taking alcoholic drinks, smoking etc.

There are various factors leading to this problem. Intake of certain drugs, continual loud noise, excessive exposure to extreme heat or cold, long term intake of unhealthy food, intake of certain toxic substance etc are the basic reasons causing stress. Excessive fear, hater, jealousy to someone can also lead to the problem of stress.

There are various home remedies which can be very helpful in reducing the problem of stress. Sage herb is very effective in reducing stress. Herbal tea made of leaves of sage herb is very helpful in reducing stress. Take few dried sage leaves, add them to 250 ml of boiling water, add 1 or 2 spoonful of honey for sweetening the tea, take this tea several times a day. It will give a remarkable relief from the problem of stress. Basil leaves are also very effective in reducing stress. Chewing leaves of basis on a regular basis gives a quick relief from stress.

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