Herbal Remedies: Piles

If there is enlargement and swelling of the blood vessels around the anus, it shows the person is suffering from the problem of hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is commonly known as piles. The main symptoms of piles include bleeding at the time of bowel movement, pain and itching. The patient of pile experiences a painful bowel movement.

The important reasons which give rise to piles are the problem of indigestion and constipation. This problem is found to be most common in pregnant women. But this condition can also occur in those people who take very less fiber and roughage in their diet. People who are involved in occupation of heavy weight lifting can also suffer from piles.

Due to the nature of the disease, people feel hesitation in taking prescriptions from doctors. They prefer to go for such treatments which can be easily available at home. For such people herbal remedies are the best bet. But it is always advisable to go for proper medical check up to know the real condition of the disease. Many herbal remedies are present for hemorrhoid.

Including roughage in your daily food is the first step towards warding off this problem. Drinking eight to ten glass of plain water is other way of preventing the occurrence of piles. These two steps ensure smooth bowel movement and proper digestion of the food. White Radish is one of the best treatments for piles. Increase the intake of while radish in you daily diet. You can also take juice of white radish. White radish mixed with honey is considered to be the best treatment for piles.

If there are incidences of high bleeding, dry figs can be taken. Take about five dry figs; leave them in water for the night. Take the figs and water in the morning just after rising from the bed. This will help in reducing bleeding and pain. If you observe swelling around the anus region, a paste of radish with milk can be applied. This reduces the pain and swelling of the anus region.

Avoid eating foods loaded with too much spice. Avoid oil and fatty food and eat fresh foods and vegetables. Mango seeds are also very helpful in piles. Powdered mango seeds mixed with honey when taken twice a day, gives great relief from swelling pain and itching. You can also take radish juice mixed with salt twice a day.

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