Herbal Teas and Natural Remedies for Stomach Ache

Stomach cramps are not restricted to women or menstruation. Stomach aches can disrupt your day and it is unbearable. In order to prevent this you must try a variety of herbal remedies and natural treatments.

A hot compress will reduce the pain in your abdomen. Lie down and place a hot water bottle on your stomach; it will reduce the pain in a matter of minutes. Do not exert yourself too much on days when you experience stomach pain. Instead rest for a few hours extra. Movement will aggravate the pain and may increase the intensity.

Ginger is an herb that proves to be very beneficial when you are suffering with stomach ache. You can either drink it in the form of an ale or tea or place a piece of the herb in your mouth and chew on it until the pain subsides.

Cumin tea will get rid of a stomach ache in a matter of minutes. Boil a cup of water and add a spoon of cumin seeds to the water. Let the tea boil for a few minutes filter the tea to eliminate the seeds and add a spoon of honey to sweeten the tea. Drink this tea blend as hot as you can to get rid of the stomach ache.

Yoga and guided breathing helps to ease the discomfort of the stomach ache. Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position. Place your feet firmly on the ground and begin to breathe deep breaths. Inhale to the count of 20 and then hold your breath for the same amount of time. Then exhale to the count of 20. As you exhale believe that your body is eliminating the harmful toxins from your body; this exercise can be used to treat a number of ailments.

In some cases the stomach ache arises due to the increase in the acidity levels in the stomach. In order to control this you must drink plenty of water; this will reduce the acids on your body.

You must pay attention to your diet when you are suffering from a stomach ache. Avoid eating spicy foods, caffeine based drinks and energy drinks. Aerated drinks will increase your discomfort and hence they must be avoided.

Drink green tea; the anti oxidants in the tea will reduce your discomfort and reduce the stomach cramps.

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