Herbal Teas and Remedies For Depression

Depression affects millions of people worldwide and mental health practitioners benefit from this. There are several factors that give way to depression. Financial instability, loss of a job, family pressure and loneliness are factors that give rise to depression. Taking drugs and medications to fight depression can be dangerous as it can lead to dependence. Thus natural remedies and herbal medication is the best way to deal with depression.

St. John’s Wart is an herb that acts as a relief for depression. The dosage must be altered according to the levels of your condition and you must not take the drug without a prescription from an herbalist as it can be toxic in high doses.

Licorice is another herb that is extremely beneficial when you are trying to fight depression. Though the herb is commonly known to be a cure for a sore throat and common cold it is also effective in the cure for depression. You can acquire doses of the herb in the form of a capsule or you can blend it with your cup of tea. Either way the herb is effective as a cure for depression. However, if you do not experience any relief from the herb that you must refrain from using it as prolonged use will lead to severe headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure and extreme lethargy.

Valerian root is another effective herb that helps to fight depression. It is available in the form of a pill and can be taken for a period of 6 weeks to cure this condition. Hops is another herb that acts as a mood enhancer. It reduces stress, relieves irritation and tension and reduces the effects of depression on other functions of your body.

One of the most popular herbs used to treat depression is ginseng. This herb is freely available and is commonly used with tea. As a matter of fact you will find commercially available tea that is infused with ginseng. It boosts energy, lifts moods and elevates stress. It is also available in the form of a tea as well as in the form of pills.