Herbal Tips For Cold and Flu Symptom

Cold and flu are the largest widespread ailment in globe with above one billion such cases accounted in the US only. Both the cold and the flu are respiratory sicknesses but are caused by different viruses. Both these diseases are highly infectious and spread mostly with the straight contact from person to person. Sneezing, coughing or hand to hand contact are the various methods of spreading the disease.

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A body with the weak immune system has the highest risk of catching cold and flu. The immune system is a set of cells that works vigorously against the antigens or contagious agents that consist of the body’s protection system against the diseases. There are some medications that provide relief from these symptoms. Again many plants and herbs can also be used to soothe the symptoms of cold and flu.

Herbal Tips For Cold & Flu


This herb protects the body from cold and flu by stimulating the production of white blood cells. This makes the body more competent of attacking the viruses that are responsible for cold, flu, cough and other respiratory diseases. The intake of a minimum of 3ml to 5ml of Echinacea tincture every two hours is safe and better for all for fighting the viral diseases.



One has to blend standard tea wit cognac, a tsp of honey, and butter and ½ tsp of cinnamon. This mixture should be consumed hot just before bedtime in order to get the maximum benefits. The difference can be noticed in the next morning itself.


Sunflower Seeds

One has to boil ½ cup of sunflower seeds to 5 cups of water until the water is reduced to 2 cups in the pot. Then two cups of honey and a cup of gin are required to be added to the mixture. Two spoons of this mixture have to be consumed thrice daily just before the meals. This is an effective herbal remedy for cold and flu.

sunflower seeds

Herbal Tea

One has to arrange tea by mixing equal portions of sage, cinnamon and bay leaves in warm water. The tea has to be strained before drinking and a teaspoon of lemon juice and honey is to be added to it. This is one of the best herbal tips for combating cold and flu.

herbal tea