Herbal treatment for bone fracture

Bones are the framework of the extremities of an individual body and breakage can occur to any bone that makes up the body. There are two types of bone fracture: 1) Hairline or simple fracture and 2) Compound fracture. When the skin is still intact in the area of fracture, it is called a simple fracture but when the skin breaks open due to the broken bones, it is known as compound fracture.There are some herbal remedies that assist in bone fracture. Herbal treatment for bone fracture includes.

Horsetail herb: The herbal remedy of this herb had been known since the times of ancient Greeks and Rome. It was by tradition used to stop blood loss, heal ulcers and injury and treat kidney problems. The silicon there in the Horsetail plays a vital role in healing bone tissue and its restoration as well as aids in the proper assimilation and absorption of calcium, a vital mineral needed for the growth of bones in adults and children and finally aids in the reconstruction of bones. The constant swelling around the sites of the broken bones can be reduced by bathing with water containing horsetail herb.

American Spikenard: This is a very useful herbal remedy in treating broken bones, compound fractures of broken bones. American Spikenard helps in reducing swelling, absorb calcium and rebuild bones and shows truly effective results in treating broken bones.

Arjuna: Arjuna is an evergreen tree with yellow flowers and conical leaves that is native to Indian subcontinent. This herb has been proving to be very effective in treating bone fractures and bone loss. The bark of Arjuna has great importance as an herbal remedy in treating bone fractures, hemorrhages and bronchitis.

Andiroba: It is a large and towering tree, which is basically found in the topical rain forest such as Brazil, Columbia and so on. This tree produces a nut that resembles a chestnut and has an oil rich kernel in the middle. The anti-inflammatory property of this oil is very useful in bringing relief from the pain and swelling due to an injury or broken bones. This oil has long been used in treating a break or crack in the bones.

Besides these herbs like Butcher’s Broom, pareira, plantain, psoralea, slippery elms are very useful in treating bone fractures.