Herbal Treatment For Preventing Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a reason of distress for many people in the world. The causes of this disorder can be hereditary or environmental.  The asthma attack can be a response to any allergic substance present in the environment. Genetic makeup of the asthmatic patient cannot be changed. But environmental causes of asthma can be reduced by taking necessary precautions. Taking strong medicines is not a cure for asthma. These medicines can provide only temporary relief. In some cases, taking strong medicines can have harmful effects on the body.

Herbal treatments for asthma have considerably less side effects or not at all. The only precaution to be taken before using any herbal remedy is to consult a well qualified herbalist. The herbal treatment has long lasting effects and is very effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma. Take care that the patient should not be allergic to any particular herb.

Chamomile is the most common herb used for treating asthma. Its flower is boiled in water and the steam of the boiled water is inhaled. Oil of eucalyptus can be used as a remedy through inhalation. Many parts of gum plant carry anti-asthmatic properties. The other herbs which can cure asthma through inhalation route include sage and thyme. The herbs which are treasured for the asthma therapy include coltsfoot, mullein and stinging nettle. The herbs which can unblock nasal congestion include hyssop herb, ephedra and elderberry. The herbs used as remedies for asthma are used in many forms like tea, oil, tincture and ointment.

Herb lobelia offers very effective cure for asthma. It acts as both dilator of nasal passages and antispasmodic. It also lowers the blood pressure. Therefore, people with low blood pressure should be careful while taking it. Many other herbs are available as medicines for treatment of asthma. But all these treatments can be most effective only with the healthy and active lifestyle. Quit habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. These habits trigger the asthmatic attack. The problem of asthma can be controlled with little awareness and natural herbal treatment.

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