Herbal Treatment For Sleep Disorders

Sleep plays a pivotal task in sustaining the substantial, psychological as well as emotional wellbeing of the individuals. Understanding complicatedness in sleeping for any huge span of time might well signify that the individual suffer from chronic sleep disorder. There are different types of sleep disorders that keep people awake and foil appropriate sleep. The sleeping disorders vary from widespread self-correcting problems to substantial and neurological disarray.

Rare disruptions of sleep are not called as sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are classified as such that takes place more or less on a regular basis. Some of the common sleep disorders include night terror, bruxism, hypopnea syndrome, delayed sleep phase syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), jet lag, parasomnias, rapid eye movement behavior disorder etc. There are other types of sleep disorders like shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), restless leg syndrome (RLS), sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, snoring and sleep walking.

Fortunately, there are a large number of plants that have sedative action over individuals. Chamomile, Californian poppy, valerian, hops, passion flower and skull cap are some of them.

Chamomile: Chamomile is the herb that is commonly used to treat sleep disorders. This herb is considered as safe and has no side effects. It is one of the herbs that support sleep with tranquilizing action.  It also helps in the reduction of stress associated chemicals in the brain as well as encourages adrenal wellbeing. The chamomile herb is used for providing immediate respite from sleeplessness and anxiety.

Passion Flower: This herb is known for its calming as well as sleep inducing effect. It relieves pain as well as muscular spasm. Passion flower is used to treat sleep disorders, general insomnia, nerve pain, hysteria and cramps. Passion flower is widely used as tranquilizer and analgesic.

Valerian: Valerian is a calming, soothing as well as sleep inducing herb that helps to relieve muscular spasm and pain. It is a relaxant herb and has soothing consequence on the nervous system. This herb is extremely helpful in case of severe insomnia along with insomnia that goes with tension, anxiety, menstrual pain, intestinal pain and so on.

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