Herbal Treatments and Nutritional Remedies for Heart Diseases

Herbal remedies are practical in the curing most of the symptoms of heart diseases. They can help to relieve chest pain and prevent attacks without side effects.

Hawthorn berries have the ability to boost circulation of blood and regulate heart beats. It thus helps to eliminate chest pain and thereby the possibility of an attack.

Berries in general are a good source of anti oxidants that help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Garlic and ginger, two herbs that are commonly found in almost every kitchen is known to relieve pain in the chest, lower cholesterol and improve blood clotting. You can add these 2 herbs to almost any food preparation and also eat them in the raw state with a spoon of honey. They are available in paste and powder forms as well.

Nutritional therapies are known to be the best remedy against heart diseases and seem to be the most effective in prevention and cure of heart related ailments.

The right diet with the right amount of nutritional supplements can work to better your health drastically. General diet tips would require a patient to avoid eating fried foods and those that are rich in oil and clarified butter. Alcohol and smoke are forbidden. One must also cut down on their consumption of red meats and swap that with white meats. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will work wonders for your health. One must ensure that he eats plenty of fiber, protein and avoids eating fats and carbohydrates. Fish is a good source of protein and provides you with omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your system.

The main aim at avoiding heart related diseases is to ensure low cholesterol levels, maintain a steady blood pressure and ability to have quick blood clotting.

In addition to a good diet, exercising for 30 minutes daily is a good practice.

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