Herbal Treatments for Acne Scars

Lemon is an essential ingredient used very often as a treatment for acne scars. The procedure starts by the application of a thin coating of the lime juice on the face and on other affected area as well. This remedy is really helpful in removing the blemishes and also helps in cleaning the skin complexion.

Application of cucumber is also a good treatment for improving the scars. Do apply the cucumber directly. It’s better to use its juice which would be a helpful remedy for skin tightening. You can use ice also for improving the quality of the skin.

Use home and herbal products for treating acne scars. Honey is one such that can improve the skin from inside as it acts as a very good moisturizing agent.

You can even use olive oil on the affected areas. Massage that portion carefully with gentle and soft hands. It will really help in lightening the skin color and also the dark impression of the scars. If you are willing to use ointments or skin antibiotics then use those that have extracts of sandalwood and rosewater. Various herbal supplements are available nowadays that can cure acne scars effectively. Before using any product wash your face with warm water and cleanse the skin properly.

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