Herbal Treatments for Bronchitis

One of the best cures for bronchitis is the intake of turmeric, in which form is you wish. It is recommended that at least one should have some amount of it everyday by making its liquid mixture with milk. This can be taken for at least 2-4 times a day and if you can take right in the morning before having anything it would be even more beneficial.

Another very effective treatment can be created with linseeds and water. This is done by taking some amount of alsi or linseeds and mixing it in the hot water. The quantity would vary in accordance with the amount of seeds but it should be sufficient enough that the seed gets soak inside properly. This would give you a paste kind of thing which is generally used to apply over the chest. You can use is over the back of check as well to treat your problem effectively. Some people use turpentine to be used over the chest area. This treatment is very often used by many people.

You can also treat bronchitis with the intake of onion juice. It has been regarded as a very good treatment since ages.

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