Herbal Treatments For Candida


Candida is the fungus/yeast that is present in our gastro-intestinal tract, at a moderate level. But too much expansion/growth of this Candida gives rise to the problem known as Candidacies.

The symptoms of this condition may range from sore throat, dizziness, weakness, genital infections, etc. The Allopathic, or the common methods, of dealing with this problem only helps in suppressing the symptoms. They don’t actually cure the individual. But herbal remedies may be taken up as an option to deal with this problem and actually cure it.

Proper herbal remedies are able to help heal the intestinal tracts, undo the damage done by the disease and also add to the immune system so that the immune system is capable of fighting the disease, if it relapses.

Take A Look At Some Of The Effective Herbal Treatments To Cure The Problem Of Candida.

Natural Cure 1- Usage Of Garlic:

Garlic has well known anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which is the most important property needed in a drug to cure this Candida condition. Its best at work if taken raw; but as it’s too pungent; you may want to have it with a glass of water, or in some food.

Natural Cure 2- Usage Of Lemon Grass:

Lemon grass is also very well-known in being able to repair the damaged cells. When the Candida overgrowth damages the wall of the tract, nutrients often ‘seep through’. Lemon grass is very good in curing this condition, of ‘leakiness’.

Natural Cure 3- Usage Of Green Food:

Green food is a cure in itself. You’ve been hearing your parents, shouting at you with a dish of Broccoli; well they actually work. Green foods, especially green leafy vegetables, have tremendous healing powers. It’s been studied that green foods such as seaweeds, pickled (salt pickled) foods, have a certain kind of alkalinizing effect on the body; which is important for the cure of Candida overgrowth because the Candica albicans prospers in an acidic environment.

Natural Cure 4- Usage Of Healing Clay:

Some Healing clay also may help the condition of Candidacies, if eaten. Yes it’s strange, but it’s been a practice to keep one from having an upset stomach. Today, these are being sold as clay supplements. Go and ask any medical store and you will find what you need. As clay is highly absorptive in nature, it soaks up all the toxin, bacteria, fungi, etc. from the stomach; but as it cannot be utilized by a human body, the mixture of all these along with the clay, passes through the patient’s stool.

Maintain Proper Diet:

Like any other disease in our body, Candida can also be cured, but it is better that one adopts a preventive measure at an early stage to prevent from this condition. Eat a balanced diet and take a good amount of Vitamin C and fiber regularly; also have control over the carbohydrate intake.

Even after following these remedies, if the problem persists, visit your doctor immediately. Get professional guidance on how you can cure the problem.