Herbal Treatments for Diabetes

Insulin is the storage of glycogen in the liver which helps in the oxidation of sugar cells in our body. It is a substance secreted by the Langerhans. There is a certain level of insulin required in the body and an imbalance to the insulin level in the body increases the amount of glucose in our body. This increased glucose in the body causes a number of health disorders. This problem is clinically termed as diabetes.

Diabetes has become a common problem worldwide in recent years. A major fraction of population today is facing the problem of diabetes. The basic symptoms of diabetes include difficulty in injuries treatment, heart disorder, infertility, kidney disorders, blurred vision etc.

There are a number of herbal treatments available for diabetes. These herbs are very helpful in regulating the glucose level in our blood. The leaves of neem tree are very effective in treatment of diabetes. The medicinal anti diabetic characteristics of neem tree leaves provides a quick relief from the symptoms of diabetes and control the sugar level in the blood. Extract of leaves of neem tree should be taken on a regular basis.

Similarly the fenugreek juice, when taken empty stomach while getting up in the morning on a regular basis, gives a quick relief from diabetes. Jamun is another example of most common type of herbal remedies used for diabetes. Jamun seeds powder is very helpful in treatment of diabetes.

Amla juice is an excellent remedy for diabetes. Taking amla juice on a regular basis provide a great relief from diabetes. Mango leaves can also be used for diabetes treatment. Leave few leaves of mango overnight in 250 of water. Take this water the next morning on a regular basis. You will get a quick relief from the diabetes. You can also use sweet potato leaves for the treatment of diabetes. They are very helpful in controlling the sugar level of the blood due to their anti diabetic characteristics. However any type of these herbal remedies should be performed only after consulting a doctor.

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