Herbal Treatments to Prevent and Cure Hay Fever

With the onset of spring and autumn many people suffer from various allergies. Allergic rhinitis also commonly known as hay fever occurs when the immune system reacts to particles in the air that you breathe in. These particles could be anything from dust to pollen among other things and when inhaled the immune system attacks the particles causing you to sneeze or cough violently.

Some symptoms of hay fever are repeated and prolonged sneezing bouts, watery or stuffy nose, itchy and redness in the eye and difficulty breathing. It can also cause other health issues like sinusitis, asthma and nasal polyps. Individuals who suffer from hay fever should see a doctor, but there are ways that you could adopt to treat the symptoms at home and help relieve them.

Fenugreek seeds have been known for their medicinal properties. Take about one tea spoon of the seeds and keep in a cup of warm water covered for about ten minutes. Have this mixture everyday to help relieve your allergy. Another home brew that is effective in helping bring relief is to take the peelings from a grapefruit and a lemon and simmer them in a little water. Cover it for about 10 to 15 minutes, add honey to the mixture to sweeten it and have it twice or thrice a day.

You could also try taking a herbal tea bath which would help soothe and calm the immune system and reduce hay fever symptoms. An herbal tea can be prepared by taking two or three herbs like lavender flowers, calendula flowers or eyebright flowers. Blend the herbs to make ¼ cup and add this mixture to 4 cups of water and let it sleep overnight. The next day before your bath boil the mixture and then let it cool for about 15 minutes, strain and add the herbal tea to your bathwater.

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