Herbal Treatments to Prevent Headache

Headache or cephalagia is described as the ache anywhere in the area of the head or the neck. It is one of the most familiar locations of the soreness in the body. There are, in general two types of headache: primary headache and secondary headache. Tension, migraine and cluster headaches are commonly called primary headaches and are not caused due to any underlying medical conditions.

Unlike primary headache, secondary headaches are caused by the medical conditions like growing tumor, bleeding of brain and encephalitis. While primary headaches are not life-threatening, secondary headaches can be life-threatening.

Herbal Remedies for headache:

Cayenne: Cayenne has a lot of medicinal and nutritional facts and has great usefulness in curing headaches. Cayenne pepper has been used for centuries in treating pain, headaches, inflammation, the circulatory system, digestive tract disorders, boosting immunity and sore throat. Cayenne helps in getting rid of the discomfort of headache by cutting off the sensors in the brain. One has to add 1/2th tsp of one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water and drink it slowly.  Consumption of this mixture will help in dilating the blood vessels and thereby improve circulation of blood.

Feverfew: One has to chew some feverfew leaves in order to get relief from migraine, cluster and pre-menstrual headaches. With the chewing of the leaves, feverfew inhibits the release of inciting substances called prostaglandins, thereby restraining the onset of migraine headaches. Again, recent researches have again proved that parthenolide, one of the active ingredients of feverfew has clear anti-inflammatory properties and also helps in normalizing the slightly irregular blood cell activity that is sometimes found with migraines.

Gingko Biloba: The use of Gingko Biloba dates back to thousands of years ago. It is a very popular herb for treating headaches. With the use of gingko biloba, the flow of blood to the brain increases contributing to the increase in the oxygen. It also contributes to the various numerous neurological disorders, mental fatigue, dizziness, headaches, lack of energy and so on.

Peppermint: One to two cups of peppermint tea helps to provide relief in headaches. Again, by putting a few drops of peppermint essential oil in lotion or carrier oil and rubbing it in forehead, neck and temples or by simple sniffing the essential oil, one can treat headaches effectively.

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