Herbal Treatments To Save Hair From Dandruff

Dandruff creates various problems like hair loss, rough hair, lice etc. Not just this it produces harmful effects on the skin also. It has been found that dandruff is a common cause for most of the skin problems like pimples, discoloration and blemishes.

Some herbal treatments for curing this problem are:

You should start using an herbal anti dandruff shampoo right now. Use it at least twice a week. This would improve the quality if the skin on the scalp. You can even use a shampoo rich in egg extracts or create one by mixing eggs in the shampoo that you are using.

Herbs like amla tulsi are really for the skin and help in treating dandruff. Mix both of them along with water and apply this paste for some time on the hair. Massage your scalp properly so that it can rinse properly inside.

You can even try another application of an extract made by water and boiled neem leaves. Apply flaxseed oil on the scalp for some days. But let it stay for hours. The most appropriate way is to do it at night and remove it by washing in the morning. You can even use tea tree oil but it would be better if you mix it with the shampoo and then use. This would be really help in treating dandruff.

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