Herbal Weight Loss Tips

Herbs are natural and safe as they are products of the earth and have no side effects. There are certain parts of plants that are used as remedies to aid common ailments and mental imbalances. Leaves, flowers, stems, roots and barks of certain plants are known to have curative powers and hence are used to aid common illnesses.

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Some herbs help to get rid of the illness by eliminating them from the body while others melt away the germs and bacteria. In the case of obesity the latter will be useful as it burns and melts fat away. These herbs increase metabolism and thus make the body work overtime to burn the calories.

Some of the common herbs that help to lose weight and unwanted fat include nettle, licorice, green tea, dandelion and hoodia. These herbs are used in traditional Indian therapies and help to burn fat from your body. If used in the Ayurvedic form; then the herbs show significant changes and help you to get the desired results.

Herbal Weight Loss Tips

Green tea extracts are not different from black tea. It is only the preparation that makes it different. Green tea is not fermented during the processing stage but the leaves are steamed so that it retains the plant extract. It is the properties of the plant that aid the boost in the metabolic activity in your body and help you to lose weight and tone your body.

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 The roots of the dandelion are used to aid weight loss as well. You need to add it to your soup or salad preparation or to your cup of tea. It acts as a diuretic due to its high potassium content, thus aiding weight loss.


Guarana is an herb that is native to the tropics and it is used to lose weight as well. The herb has high levels of caffeine which make the metabolic system work overtime and this helps your body to lose weight. It also helps to boost energy levels; this is another way of helping you to lose weight. Kola nut works the same way as Guarana does.


Most herbs can be purchased in the liquid, pill or powder form; however one must make sure that they have full knowledge of the herbs before administering the use. If you are using any prescriptive medication then you must check with your doctor before using any other kind of alternative medication as they may negate each other’s effect.

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