Herbs and for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin then you must take several precautions to treat this skin condition as it can be the cause of wrinkles, fine lines and other serious skin conditions. Dry skin is stretchy and it often itches. There are several herbal and natural treatments that help to nourish dry skin and prevent damage. You could also use vitamin treatment to nourish dry skin.Herbs like rose, fennel, lavender, sage, rosemary and peppermint help to treat dry skin. They increase the production of natural oils on the surface of the skin and thus prevent damage to the skin. Vitamin E oil is also very beneficial to dry skin. The oil can be used in topical treatments and can be used on all the parts of the body. As a matter of fact the oil helps to get rid of signs of aging as well as reduces stretch marks.

How to administer the use of vitamins and herbs

There are several ways to use these vitamins and herbs in order to benefit dry skin. The key is to use the treatments correctly in order to get maximum benefits.

The herbs can be used in the form of essential oils and can be added to bath water or to your moisturizer to increase the production of oil on your skin.

You could also add the herbs to spray bottles and use it on your skin. Look for bath salts and body washes that contain nourishing herbs; these are easy ways to increase moisture in the skin naturally.

If you are using vitamin E oil then it needs to be used immediately after a bath or shower in order to lock in the natural moisture in the body.

How to prevent dry skin

Prevention is always better that cure. One can take a few steps to prevent dry skin and increase the moisture in the skin naturally. Bathing in warm water rather than hot water is a big help to your skin. Avoid bathing for more than 15 minutes; the longer you are in the water the greater the risk of dehydration.