Herbs for Improved Digestive Health

Several herbs have proved themselves to be useful in the betterment of the health of your digestive system. They are known to be effective cures against diarrhea, indigestion, acidity and stomach cramps. They are also effective in the cure of Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Peppermint oil is one such effective drug and herbal supplement that is effective in curing and reducing abdominal pain. The oil helps to relax the muscles in the guts and the intestines and reduces the spasms in the muscles that lead to the abdominal pains.

Slippery elm is an herb that is used by Native Americans; the herb is used in the powder form in tea blends and in soups to help to ease the discomfort of constipation. It helps to coat the lining of the intestinal system thereby helping to calm and reduce the irritation. It aids constipation by softening the stool.

Another herb that is used to aid digestion is amalaki. This herb is native to Asia. It helps to improve overall digestion and serves as a laxative.

For diarrhea, chamomile seems to be the best herb. It helps to reduce inflammation in the stomach and helps the stomach to reduce bloating. The most common form of ingesting chamomile is to blend it in a cup of tea. The herb is also available in a capsule and liquid form.

Many cultures believe that bay leaves are effective in the cure of digestive issues. There is no medical evidence to prove this; however; it does provide relief against acidity and indigestion.

There are a few other home remedies that are effective in the cure of digestive disorders. One of the most popular ones includes drinking a glass of warm water with honey and a dash of lime. Drinking this early in the morning daily helps to have a clear and easy elimination.

Another popular home remedy requires the use of lemon and ginger. All you need to do is juice a few pieces of ginger and add a drop or two of lemon to it. Add this to a glass of warm water or mix it with a spoon of honey and eat the mixture. This helps to ease acidity and ease any constipation that you may be suffering from.

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