Herbs that Benefit Your Lungs

Almost everything that we do these days exposes us to pollution and toxins. Though most parts of our body have defense mechanisms; our lungs are the ones that are the least protected against pollution and toxins.

Thus we suffer from several respiratory diseases after being exposed to severe conditions like dirt and pollution. This leads to mucus build up and fluids in the respiratory tract and lungs. There are several herbs that help to protect the lungs and prevent any condition and treat any illness that is contracted.

Mullein is an herb that acts as a mild expectorant. This herb makes the mucus build up thin and it leads to a more fluid mucus that is easy to get rid off by coughing it out or eliminating it from the system by waste elimination. This herb is extremely beneficial to those suffering from whopping cough, tuberculosis, mild bronchitis and common colds.

Ginger roots are freely available in most common spice markets and this herb is one of the most beneficial herbs to help to serve and protect your lungs. It is also good for your digestive system; it helps to cure diarrhea and improves blood circulation. You can use it in food preparations, blend it with tea and also eat it in the raw state.

Garlic is yet another herb that is known for its culinary and medicinal purpose. Its spicy flavor helps to clear any congestion in the chest and its pungent flavor helps to clear a common cold.

Cinnamon is an herb that is dangerous to pregnant women; though if you are not pregnant that you will have a lot to gain from this tiny herb. Blend it with your tea preparation or add it to your coffee or food preparation in order to clear chest congestion, common colds and even whopping cough.

One must note that you do not need to wait to get an infection to start with herbal remedies. These herbs can be taken as preventive measures as well and are more effective when they are taken as a preventive measure as it strengthens your immunity levels.

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