Hiccups cure for babies

The spasm of diaphragm is usually called hiccups. Hiccups are faced by everyone. Though hiccups are never a major calamity of health, yet it can be annoying both for the baby as well as the parents. Hiccups takes place when the muscle known as diaphragms contract. Diaphragm is vital for the breathing of the baby. Feeding of the baby is mainly associated with the cause of hiccups among the babies. While consuming food, the baby tens to intake or swallow a lot of air, which in turn stimulates the diaphragm and cause hiccups. Lots of air is accumulated inside the stomach. This results in the stimulation of diaphragms which in turn leads to hiccups among the babies.

Hiccups have been associated with other factors too. Sudden drop of baby body’s temperature can cause contraction of muscles leading to hiccups. GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease is also another hiccups causes among the babies.

For new-born babies, who face hiccups always after eating, overeating could be the reason. Hence, it is always advised to feed the baby in smaller portions and more frequently in order to avoid hiccups. If one suspects that the baby has overeaten, then the best formula would be to feed the baby on demand instead of the scheduled timings that we have made for him. The baby should never be pushed to eat more that he wants which might otherwise lead to hiccups or vomiting.

Hiccups are nothing to panic about and would slowly disappear. But if one wants to hasten the recovery of the baby, patting the baby on the back is a very good remedy. This patting action helps the baby to force out the air that is inside the stomach and helps the baby to calm down.

Another remedy to hiccups cure is the use of sugar. All that we need is to put a little bit of sugar on the tip of the baby’s tongue. The baby’s attention is redirected to taste the sugar and this will help to stop the contraction of diaphragm.

Again, if the hole of the nipple of the bottle of the baby is big, it might lead to the intake of excessive air inside the stomach, causing hiccups.