Hiccups Treatment in Infants- Natural Cures

Hiccup is a common problem that each and every individual faces at some point of time in their lives. This problem is also faced by new born infants mostly when the infant gets excited or just after having food.

The relative immaturity of the baby’s internal organs are thought as one of the most vital causes for the new born babies to suffer more hiccups than the older ones.

Besides this, sudden change in temperature and gastro esophageal reflux disease is some of the major causes of hiccups among the infants. As the baby matures, the intensity of these hiccups starts to reduce. Hiccups are extremely annoying both for the parent and the child.

However, there is nothing to panic as this problem surely disappears after a certain period of time. Here are some of the natural cures to hiccups among the babies:

Patting motion: Patting motion is popular way of fighting hiccups among the infants. All that one needs to do is just pat the baby at the back. This action not only helps the baby to expel the air that is inside his stomach but also makes him feel relaxed and soothed.

Sugar: Sugar is another well-known remedy for stopping hiccups among the infants. People use sugar by just putting this at the tip of the baby’s tongue.

The taste of sugar makes the attention of the baby shift immediately from the hiccups to the sweetness in the mouth. This shifting of attention of the baby’s nerves helps to stop the contraction of the diaphragm of the baby.

Water: Intake of water is thought as useful way of fighting hiccups among the babies. Just make the baby drink water at frequent intervals. It is a helpful way of fighting hiccups for the infants.

Hole of nipple: Some the hole of the nipple of the bottle of the baby is thought as a sure cause of hiccups among the infants. If the hole of the nipple is big, it helps to pass excessive air. Passing of excessive air can cause hiccups among the new born babies as the air can easily enter the infant’s stomach if the nipple is too wide.