High And Low Blood Pressure Treatment – Home Remedies

The blood pressure is the force that is exerted by the blood circulating from the heart throughout the body on the walls of the arteries. An individual’s blood pressure does not remain at a constant level but varies from time to time.

High blood pressure or hypertension is caused when the pressure of the blood within the arteries are elevated. High pressure can lead to heart failure, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and so on.

On the contrary, low blood pressure or hypertension is caused when the pressure of the blood within the arteries are low. Mild hypertension does not require any treatment while chronic hypertension can cause fainting, neurological and endocrinal disorders as well as serious heart disorders.

However, both high and low blood pressure treatment can be attained by a number of home remedies:

Garlic and beetroot: While garlic is considered as one of the most helpful home remedies for treating high blood pressure that can lead to the hardening of arteries, thrombosis, etc., beetroot is considered as the most effective home remedy for the low blood pressure.

Consumption of one cup of beetroot juice daily helps in treating the condition.

Indian gooseberry and Indian spikenard: One spoonful of Indian gooseberry mixed with a spoonful of honey is considered extremely useful in combating high blood pressure.

Again Indian spikenard is considered extremely beneficial for combating low blood pressure. 15 grams of the herb is to be boiled in 250 ml of water and then cooled. This mixture needs to be consumed thrice daily.

Holy basil and watermelon: Holy basil is extremely effective in fighting off low blood pressure. Just extract the juice of 15-20 Holy basil leaves and consume it with a tablespoon of honey. This is greatly beneficial when consumed in an empty stomach.

On the other hand, watermelon is known to fight off high blood pressure. Not only is the watermelon fruit, even a teaspoonful grinded seeds of watermelon in an empty stomach early in the morning are extremely valuable in an empty stomach.

Papaya and almond: While consumption of ripe papaya for one month works like miracle in curing hypertension, the intake of the paste of seven soaked almonds after mixing it with milk is extremely useful for treating hypotension.