5 High Blood Pressure Diet

High Blood Pressure


High Blood Pressure

The other term that is frequently used to describe high pressure is hypertension. It has been found that blood pressure tends to vary continuously and when it tends to rise, there is an increased chance of getting associated with diseases. Hypertension is of two types – primary and secondary.

About 95 percentages of primary hypertension cases have no actual cause of its rise. Certain factors like intake of salt, weight as well as genetic make-up are the prime cause of the primary hypertension. High blood pressure can also be caused from increased volume of cardiac resistance, low birth weight, obesity as well as low level of nitric acid.

Besides these, lifestyle, diet, aging are also some of the causes that can cause high blood pressure. Diets are a popular way of lowering high blood pressure. Since high blood pressure can never be cured, it has been found to be effectively curbed with the help of diets:


The basic diet of high blood pressure is the low use of salt or sodium. There are also certain food stuff that aid in the decreasing the salt or sodium within the body. These foods should be essentially increased in the regular food management.



The patients suffering from high blood pressure are encouraged to consume the foods that are rich in nutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber and protein. These foods also help in the lowering of the blood pressure.



All the vegetables in general and garlic and onions in particular are extremely beneficial for the lowering of hypertension. Garlic and onions have been known for ages for their exceptional property of strengthening the heart and in the lowering of high blood pressure.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in rich quantity in fishes like salmon, tuna and halibut. This fatty acid is admired all over the globe for its ability to lower the high blood pressure as well as the cholesterol levels that aid in controlling hypertension.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Whole Oats:

Whole oats help in the normalization of blood pressure levels, cholesterol and also blood sugar level.

Whole Oats

This diet will definitely keep blood pressure under control.