4 Herbal Cures for Boils



There are times when you have tiny boils forming on the surface of the skin. They come in multiples and are very painful. They normally erupt on the face, arms, neck and back. They are filled with a liquid that may either be pus or water. This skin inflammation is caused by fever or acts as a sign of this condition. In some cases the boils are just a sign of the presence of toxins in the body causes by faulty diet or lifestyle.


In order to get rid of these boils you need to keep your skin clean. Wash your face and the affected area with warm water and a mild anti septic soap. This will reduce the bacteria in the region. You must also avoid using any topical over the counter cream on the area as it may aggravate the skin condition. Using home remedies internally as well as topically is your best bet.

Onion & Garluic Juice

If the boils are not ripe but they are just inflammations on your skin they you must use the juice of either onion or garlic on the surface of the skin. The juice will help the boils to dry out and prevent any scars. You must also eat a few pods of garlic during meals in order to clean your internal system. Garlic helps to eliminate the toxins from your body and prevents further spread of the boils.

Milk With Turmeric Juice

Another treatment that helps you to get rid of the boils and clear your skin is milk infused with turmeric. Mix the two to form a paste and apply it to the affected area. You will be able to dry out the boils as well as prevent the spread of the infection. Turmeric can also be used externally by itself to clear the infection. Apply the herb in the powder form to the area and leave it over night. Wash the area in the morning and you will notice a change in the infection. The herb will dry out the boils and clear the skin.

Bittergaurd juice

You can also drink a cup of bitter gourd juice to clear the boils internally.