Home And Herbal Remedies For Depression


depression An emotional disorder which results in a disturbed mind, thoughts and even body is known as depression. Depression and other such maladies are difficult to cope up with compared to other physical illness. Depression is one of the serious mental disorders which may even lead to suicidal attempts. We can overcome the problem of depression by following some of the home remedies mentioned below.

Causes of Depression

Imbalance in the hormone level can be one of the chief causes of depression which can lead to other mental disorders. Financial problems may also guide to depression and dimness. Some of the serious illness like heart diseases can also show the way to depression. Haunting early life experiences or incidences can also lead to depression.

Another major reason for the depression is changes in environment or ecological factors. Genetic disorders in some people may cause psychological depressions. Dearth of vitamin complexes especially vitamin B complexes is one of the important reason behind depression and stress. Drug and alcohol misuse can result in mental depression.

Symptoms of Depression

A stern sense of loss is one of the important symptoms of depression. Extreme wretchedness which cannot be explained is a caution sign of depression. Being uninterested in the world around is one of the significant symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exhaustion and energy loss are the other symptoms of depression. Body warmth and blood pressure of the patient suffering from mental depression and uneasiness may get lowered and is an important symptom for the syndrome.

Home and Herbal Remedies

Apple being rich in phosphorus, vitamin B6, vitamin C etc. can be used as a good home therapy for depression. The chemical substances present in an apple can help in preventing the wearing and tearing of nerve cells. It is told, an apple a day can keep the doctor away. For best results one or two apples can be taken along with a cup of milk and a teaspoon of honey.

Cashew nut is a significant remedy in the case of depression and nervousness. Being rich in thiamine, cashew nuts are helpful in stimulating nervous system. Taking cashew nuts daily can help in keeping you cheerful and active. Almonds are also important in the treatment of depression. Chewing five or six almonds along with their skin can be considered effective in the treatment.

Asparagus roots are found to be very effective in curing depression as well as anxiety. These are highly nutritious and hence are used as a useful herbal remedy for depressions and further cerebral disorders. Asparagus roots can be desiccated and crushed and two to three grams of it can be consumed once in a day as a part of the treatment for depression.

Cardamom is one of the excellent remedies for depression and other cerebral disorders. A small amount of cardamom seeds can be dried and powdered. A cardamom tea can be prepared by adding a little of cardamom powder in a cup of usual tea which can give a refreshing aroma to the tea. Taking this herbal tea can be considered successful in reducing the depressions.

Using a lemon balm can be advantageous in the treatment of depression and anxiety. This herbal balm can provide a refreshment and energy to the brain and mind of the person suffering from psychological depressions. A concoction can be prepared using the lemon balm and taking it by cooling can be very valuable in curing the nervous weakness and depressions.

Rose flower is found to be a superior herbal remedy used for depression plus other mental disorders. About fifteen grams of fresh rose petals can be boiled in a cup of water for 5 minutes to prepare a decoction. This can be taken when hot once in a day instead of tea or coffee for the better results of treatment.

A healthy diet is requisite for a healthy mind. In a few people, dearth of any of the nutrients can lead to depression or anxiety. Vitamin B is essential for the mental clarity and calmness. Vitamin B rich food items like egg, crab, fish, oats, potatoes, whole grains etc. can be included liberally in the diet of the patient suffering from mental depression.

Taking a cup of saffron tea along with some honey can be significant in the treatment of depression as this can very effectively help in lightening the heavy heart of the depressed person. Thyme tea can be also used instead of a saffron tea for the same result. Holy basil is proved to be favorable in healing depression. Having an herbal tea prepared by using the basil leaves or chewing one or two fresh basil leaves can be effective in curing depressions and other mental disorders.

Another commonly used home medication for depression is gooseberry. A mixture of 1 teaspoon of freshly extracted gooseberry juice and a pinch of nutmeg powder can be consumed daily as a part of the treatment for depression. Licorice tea is proved to be significant in reducing depression and anxiety. The patients distressed from depression can take two to three cups of licorice tea which is an effective home medication for depression.

Tips to be Followed For a Calm Mind

Easily digestible light foods are found to be healthier for the treatment of depression and other mental disorders. Massaging body and hair with essential oils can be helpful in the treatment of depression. Chewing ginger can be beneficial in reducing depression. Hot, oily and spicy foods should be avoided from the daily diet of the depressed person.  Vitamin C rich food items should be taken abundantly as these are identified to have anti depressant properties.

Exercise is important and essential for an energetic body as well as an energetic mind. Keep a control over the intake of meat and milk products. Strong and unhealthy food items like caffeine, chocolate, beverages etc. must be avoided for the improved results of the treatment. Keeping your house clean and fresh can help in treating depression and other mental disorders. Decorating house with flowers can make your mood happy.

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