Home and Herbal Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is a common disorder and is caused by over eating, alcohol, fever, migraines, flu, pregnancy and food poisoning. There are a few other factors like exposure to the sun, dizziness, cancer, kidney failure and cholera that cause the feelings of nausea.

The sensation causes a very upset feeling and makes you feel sick in the stomach. The good news is that the sensation does not last for a long time and getting rid of it is quiet easy.

A simple technique to get rid of the sensation is to have a drink with lime. Squeeze a lime in a glass of clod water. Add salt, sugar and some pepper to it and drink it cold. The drink will refresh you and reduce the dizziness while the lime takes away the bitter taste and gets rid of the nausea.

Brew a piece of ginger with a cup of tea and have it as warm as you can. You can also mix ginger powder with a spoon of honey and gulp it down to get rid of the uneasy sensation. Ginger cookies are extremely helpful. Keep a couple of them handy in your purse at all times.

Drinking a few glasses of water will help to keep you well hydrated and take away all feelings of nausea and upset stomachs or dizziness as a result of the nausea.

Chew a peppermint candy or rub peppermint oil on your gums. The spicy flavor from the herb will help to relieve the sensation. You can try and blend the herb with your tea. Chamomile tea will help to cure the nausea as well.

In order to prevent nausea one must watch what you eat. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as a fiber rich diet is always helpful. Avoid eating fried foods and processed foods as far as possible and if you must then make sure that you are well hydrated so that you can flush out all harmful waste from your body.

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