Home and Herbal Remedies to Cure a Headache

Surveys show that almost 80 percent of all headaches are stress related. The others are due to other body pains, exposure to extreme weather or loud noise. While you can take care of all factors to eliminate the cause of the headache; there are also several remedies to cure any existing aches that you may be suffering from.

Home remedies for a headache

-Brew a strong cup of tea. Along with your tea leaves add a few sprigs of lemon grass, a cube of ginger and a dash of cardamom powder. Brew this concoction for a few minutes on a slow flame, strain and drink with a dash of honey. The tea will help to cure any body ache that you may be suffering from especially a headache. The herbs in the tea help to relieve body pains as well as are an effective way to wake you up when you are unable t open your eyes.

-Massage your head lightly with a few drops of eucalyptus oil. After your massage cover your head and sleep for a few minutes. Do not let any cold air hit your head directly. The oil will help to relieve you from the headache.

-Heat and cold compressions are both known to cure a headache. If you have a hangover headache then apply an ice pack on your head. If it is a headache caused by stress or other environmental factors; then draw yourself a hot bath or apply a hot water bottle to your head. This will get rid of the ache.

-Add lavender or peppermint oils to a diffuser and breathe in the aroma. These aromatic fragrances have healing properties against stress related headaches.

If you suffer from constant headaches then chances are that you are suffering from a calcium deficiency. Take a few supplements or add calcium to your diet. A glass of milk is the quickest way to do that.