Home and Herbal Remedies to Get Rid of a Cataract

When the lens of the eye hardens it forms a milky colored film in your eyes that blurs your vision. This film is called a cataract. It is common to people over 50 and almost 75 percent of people over 70 will suffer from a cataract in their lifespan. It can however affect people of all ages and it is not uncommon for a baby to be born with cataract.

Some of the common causes include smoking, alcohol and excess exposure to UV light. People suffering from diabetes are more at risk of developing cataract.

Surgery is a sure fire way of getting rid of the cataract. Laser surgery these days are painless and inexpensive. It is as easy as walking into the doctors office and walking away with a new set of eyes.

In conjunction with surgery; there are a few herbal and home remedies that you can try to improve your sight.

First of all you need to improve your diet. Increase your intake of Vitamin A and Vitamin B. These can be found in carrots, beetroots, celery, spinach and milk. Add whole grain cereals and beans to your diet to improve your vision.

Wash you eyes with rose water diluted with water several times a day. This helps to cool your eyes and reduce the amount of water dripping from your eyes.

How to care for your eyes after surgery

After undergoing surgery to get rid of the cataract; you must avoid smoking and letting any hot air from entering your eyes. This could be potentially dangerous and harm your eyes and cause loss of sight completely.

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine drinks immediately after and refrain from it for at least 2 weeks. The caffeine will drain your eyes from any watery discharge however causes your body to get dehydrated; a condition that your body should not be in.