3 Herbal Remedies To Improve Stamina



Being tired is the biggest reason for loss of productivity. This is not only associated with productivity at work but also in your personal life. From juggling work pressure, chores at home, family issues, finances, mortgages and an array of other complication, or bodies tend to run out of energy no matter how hard we may try to keep going. Fortunately for us, research has shown that there are several things that we can do to improve this condition. While some of them may be herbal care, others are plain common sense.

If you feel that you are normally over worked, then a massage by a trained professional will be beneficial. They are known for being able to work on the pressure points and ease any muscle tension, reduce stress and leave you energized.

Color therapy is known to boost energy levels. Reds, pinks and oranges boost energy levels. Wear these shades on days that you are drained out of energy or have paintings or wall art in these hues. Painting a complete wall in the house with a bright shade of red is known to stimulate energy.To pick up your energy levels; play some music with a fast tempo. The beats are sure to add a bounce in your step. Music is known to cure mood swings and temper tantrums as well.

Herbal Remedies To Reduce Fatigue And Improve Stamina



Dandelion roots are a herb that is used in the preparation of several teas and salads in the West. The herb is known to increase the production of bile which is known to help the functioning of the liver. If your liver is working well; then you are at lower risk of being sluggish during the day as lack of bile causes fatigue.



Ginseng relieves stress, fatigue and immune weakness. Add it to your tea or soups to have a daily dose of this wonderful herb.



Licorice roots are known to be sweet. It is known to improve the levels of blood sugar thereby decreasing traces of stress and burn out.