Home And Natural Remedies For Jock Itch

Lots of people, who lead a very active lifestyle and are involved in strenuous physical activities like sports or going the gym, can suffer from this annoying itchy sensation in the groin area. This is known as jock itch and is caused by a fungal infection. Strenuous physical activity makes you perspire heavily. As the region is always covered it causes the sweat to accumulate in folds of the thighs and rarely gets any air which makes it worse. There a number simple things that can be done at home to relieve yourself from the itching. Personal hygiene is most important and needs to be maintained at all times as lack of hygiene causes this infection.

When taking a shower make sure to cleanse the area with soap. Try using a medicated soap which is specially meant for fungal infections. These are easily available over the counter in most medical stores.

Keeping the area dry is another key to help cure the itch. Bacteria and fungus thrive in wet areas; take care to wipe yourself dry before wearing your clothes. Instead of wearing tight underwear, opt for boxers which allow your skin to breathe. Look for creams or ointments which are meant for fungal infections and apply on skin two to three times a day.

Most people are in the habit of using talcum powder in the area, but at times this can aggravate the itching. Try buying medicated powders which help fight the fungal infection. Tea tree oil also helps ease the infection.

If you are in the habit of going to the gym directly after work or are headed for gym class, try changing your underwear before you start with your physical activity.

Try sleeping in boxers at night, as this the only time when you can air the area and allow your skin to breathe. Wear natural fabrics like cotton which are softer on the skin.

If the condition does not get better in a few days, consult your doctor as this could be serious and will require medical guidance.