Home Based Head Lice Treatment:

Head lice are a common affection generally for kids and some adults. Different kinds of parasites are found on the heads of the people and close contact with them can create the problem for the others. Not just this close contact between the contaminated clothes can also lead to the rise of this problem. 

They are not dangerous they don’t spread diseases but it causes itching, crusting, and redness in the scalp. No medicines are generally found to treat them but it can be instantly ways to cure by home made treatments.

Dry your hairs and apply white vinegar to them either by hands or with a small spray bottle. You can even try a remedy that is created by making a paste of garlic and lime juice. Apply this paste on the scalp for half an hour before washing it off within 3 days you can resolve from all the symptoms.

Undergo a proper head massage of olive oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil once in a week. For an instant results apply lots of petroleum jelly on your hairs, leave them for overnight and wash in the morning as it is the most effective as well as inexpensive remedy. Lice completely gets vanish through the treatment with petroleum jelly. You can also apply neem oil on the hairs and should repeat this treatment every day or a fortnight.