Home Based Treatment For Piles

Piles or the Hemorrhoids is the condition in which the patient experiences pain, swelling and irritation in The main symptoms of this disease are enlargement and swelling of the blood vessels around the anus. Pain, itching, painful bowel movement and bleeding at the time of bowel movement are the other symptoms of piles. The basis reason for piles is the problem of indigestion and constipation.

Those who take highly spicy food are always at higher risk of getting problem of piles. Pregnant women are also prone to this disease due to higher blood flow during pregnancy. The other reasons for piles include occupation which involves heavy weight lifting and consumption of diet which is low in fiber. Irrespective of the age piles can attack anybody of any age. There are a number of cures and treatments available in today’s medical science but as a social trend most of the people prefer to go for a herbal treatment.

Your food must be low in spices as spicy food can worsen the symptoms and piles can get more painful. As constipation is the basic reason for piles, you should drink a lot of water everyday to avoid constipation. A well hydrated body is always at low risk of constipation and therefore piles. A very common home remedy for piles is intake of powdered mango seeds. Taking powdered mango seeds with honey twice a day gives a great relief from pain and itching due to piles. Food containing too much of fat is not good for piles. Intake of fresh vegetables and fruits is very helpful in reducing the symptoms.

Radish is very common roughage generating stuff. Taken in form of salad or in form of juice mixed with salt gives relief from pain and itching. Your diet should necessarily contain roughage. Food should include fiber containing edibles. It also helps in proper metabolic functions and hence avoids constipation and piles.

Taking white Radish on a regular basis is very effect in piles and therefore you are advised to take good amount of while radish in your food. When taken with honey white radish gives wonderful results in treatment for piles. In case of excessive bleeding during bowel movement, intake of dry figs is very helpful. You can leave few dry figs in water for whole night and take these figs along with water empty stomach in the morning. You will find that bleeding and pain are reducing slowly.