Home Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is prone to breakouts, acne, pimples and blemishes. Most teens have sensitive skin as their bodies are going through huge hormonal changes. In order to take care of their skin they must make sure that the avoid using too many products and use the right home remedies to avoid long term damage to their skin.

light moisturizer

If your skin is sensitive then you must avoid using hot water. Wash your face with cold water as the skin will breakout into a rash with hot water or water of a slightly warmer temperature. You need to take care of your T zone as this is the area where the skin problems arise. Use a face wash that is specially formulated for sensitive skin or acne prone skin. This will help to get rid of excess oils from your skin. Use an alcohol free astringent or toner on your skin to remove any further traces of dirt and oil. Use a light moisturizer.


Use makeup only when the occasion demands it. The products that you use must be water based in order to avoid blocked pores. Keep your make up simple and light and avoid layering too much. Look for products with built in sunscreen. Never leave the house without sunscreen lotion as the sun will damage your skin. Stay away from dark shades of make up and all day make up due to the high amount of oxides. These will cause skin irritation and rashes. Fragranced talcum powders may be harmful to your skin so you must test the products before you purchase any.


The fabrics that you wear can have a huge impact on your skin as well. Use cotton fabrics as compared to synthetic and silk fabrics. You must also avoid wearing shoe sand accessories that are made out of leather as they can cause a great amount of skin irritation.


You are also likely to suffer from dandruff and to take care of it you must get regular oil massages and treatments that will ensure that your hair is dandruff free. You must also use a suitable shampoo. Avoid letting your hair touch your face as it will cause irritation