Home Cure For Migraine Headaches


Migraine Headaches

Severe headaches accompanied by flashes of light, tingling in arms and legs, vomiting, nausea etc. can be termed as a migraine.Migraine can be due to several reasons like allergies, bright light, loud noise etc. These factors or triggers can be identified and avoided to prevent further migraine attacks. A migraine may last for a few hours to even a few days.

Causes For Migraine


Allergies and allergic reactions are the main cause for migraine. Loud noises, sharp light and certain smell of perfumes can also lead to headaches. Emotional or physical stress can also cause severe headaches and related problems. Irregularity in sleeping and waking up can be another important reason for migraine. Smokers are more prone to headaches, even exposure to smokes and dust can cause severe headaches.

Skipping of a meal

Improper diets and irregular meal times can be other reason which leads to migraine attack. Skipping of a meal can also cause migraine. Alcohol is a reason for migraine and related problems like vomiting and nausea. In women migraine can be also due to menstrual cycle fluctuations and can be also due to use of birth control pills. Excessive intake of tea and coffee can also cause severe headache. Headaches can be also due to tension and this type of migraine is commonly seen among us.

Symptoms Of Migraine


Moderate pains to severe pains usually felt on one side of the head.  Head aches can be throbbing and can be switching in successive migraines. Headache may increase during physical activities thus it creates difficulty in doing routine work. Increased sensitivity towards light and sound can be noticed. Patients may suffer from nausea and vomiting.


Symptoms like depression, thirst, drowsiness, irritability etc. can be also seen in patients suffering from migraine headaches. Eyes of the patient may turn red and he / she may feel a burning sensation in the eyes due to the pain.

Migraine Headache Home Cure

Cold Compress

One of the main home remedies for migraine headache is cold compressions which are very effective in reducing the pain. A soft ice pack can be wrapped in a towel and can be held against the forehead and temples in alternate positions. This can be repeated many times in a day for best results.

valerian, chamomile, skullcap

Two teaspoon each of dried valerian, chamomile, skullcap, peppermint or mint leaves, rosemary can be grinded to make in the form of herbal powder. This herbal powder can be mixed in enough honey to bind in the form of pills. This can be taken daily to cure migraine headache at a faster rate.


Another important remedy for headache is rubbing of henna leaves dipped in vinegar against your forehead. This can give a quick relief from the pain. A paste of cinnamon mixed in a little water can be rubbed against the temples and forehead to get relief from migraine headaches due to exposure to cold air.

Rose Marry

A bowl of boiling water mixed with a little rosemary can be used as a home remedy for curing headaches. Steam coming out of the boiling water can be inhaled for about half an hour for best results. Intake of chamomile tea during the appearance of first symptoms of migraine can prevent further pain and difficulties.


10 to 12 almonds or other nuts can be taken as a home treatment for migraine since nuts are rich in Vitamin niacin which helps in relieving from pain. Green leafy vegetables, whole wheat, tomatoes, sunflower seeds etc. can be also taken instead of nuts. A juice prepared from 300 grams of carrot and 100 grams each of cucumber, spinach and beet can be taken daily as an effective home remedy for migraine headaches.

Grape Fruit Juices

Fresh grape juice is an important home remedy for migraine headaches. Grape juice without adding water should be taken directly for best results. Half teaspoon of mustard seed powder mixed with three spoons of water can be smelled or can be put into the nostrils for getting relief from the pain.


Cabbage is beneficial in the treatment of migraine. A few cabbage leaves can be crushed and placed in a cotton cloth and then can be bound over your forehead overnight. This can be done when the first symptoms of migraine are seen.  Another effective migraine cure is lemon crusts. Lemon crusts made in the form of a paste can be applied over your forehead to cure headache and other symptoms of migraine.

Spicy Food

Over flow of blood into the scalp which is one of the major reason for severe headaches, can be prevented by tying a cloth around your forehead while sleeping. Heavy and spicy food items should be avoided by the person who suffers from migraine headaches. Aged cheese, chocolates, citrus fruits like oranges, red wine etc. should be avoided from the daily meals as these food items contain histamines which are major reason for migraine in many people.


Ayurvedic food items can be followed according to your body types. Proper sleep and rest should be provided for the person suffering from migraine headaches. Sleeping can give relax to your body muscles and can bring all the body systems in order. Butterbur, a plant grown in Germany is said to be very effective in curing migraine when taken in pills form. Studies have shown that butterbur can treat migraine as well as asthma very effectively.

white flour food item

Avoid or reduce use of white flour food items, preserved or canned food items to prevent migraine naturally. Small meals can be taken frequently to get relief from migraine and this can also make the digestion easier. Household allergens like molds, mildews, dust and dust mites that cause migraine can be reduced by changing the air filters and replacing them by cotton sheets.


The factors or triggers that causes headache should be found out and avoided in order to reduce the attack of migraine. Switching up to natural cleansers instead of chemical ones, avoiding perfumes and air fresheners that can cause headaches is one of the best preventive methods for migraine attacks. Migraine can be cured naturally by following some of the above mentioned home remedies and tips to treat migraine headaches instead of taking potentially harmful drugs.